Learn, Think, Work, Market, and Brand Different


Your Brand is how you Differentiate yourself from the Competition!


I am exceptional with brand strategist and marketing expert. I've helped many companies brand, re-brand, and fine tune their brand over my 38+ year career. But enough about me, let's talk about you.

Don't let your brand become stale and ordinary!

Why should anyone care about your company? (That’s that first question I often ask). Most business owners can’t articulate their - WHY!

Your "WHY" is - Why should someone choose you over your competition.

  • A brand, is either understood or misunderstood. There's no middle ground.
  • A brand’s value must be obvious or you've lost the customer, often to inferior products with superior stories.
  • With a brand, your value and relevance must be clear or you're being ordinary and in a world of ordinary things…not rising above the rest.
  • The brand strategies I use cut the wasteful tactics, the lost sales, and the confusing messages most products have. The fact is "great brands are well thought-out leaving nothing to chance.”

I am a branding veteran who has worked for and with many iconic companies including Disney, Apple, Nordstrom, IBM Global, Coca-Cola and the Ritz Carlton. For over 38 years I have helped to craft branding strategies, brand identities and package design for startups, retail, and across many industries.

I offer my services to you in many a few offerings:

1) Branding Workshop at your location 2-3 days

2) Branding Workshop where you attend with 8 other business owners

3) Branding Online Education Academy - 12 online courses with an annual subscription (Coming soon)

I look forward to helping you be the best in your market to make your competition irrelevant