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Overcoming the Mediocrity Mindset is the First Step

Workshop Series & Webinars

Industry Brand Strategist and Re-branding Expert, Bobby Richardson, helps business owners create an extraordinary and compelling story to set your business apart to convert prospects into customers.... making your competition irrelevant.

Ordinary vs Extraordinary
Strategy Marketing BluePrint

Strategic Marketing BluePrint

A Strategic Marketing BluePrint cost about the same as a custom home's set of blueprints. But this is an investment in a business that pays long-term benefits by saving you a lot of time, energy, and money.

Franchise Different

Do you have a business you are looking to franchise? Or maybe you have created a franchise you need to Re-Boot, to sell more units. Franchise Different is a process where we look at your exisitng model or new model and using our 40 years of Branding, Messaging, and Marketing experience to make your competition irrelivant.

Franchise Different
Restaurant Different

Restaurant Different

Our restaurant specialist have created our Proven 3 Step System:

1) A System to Grow Customers

2) A System to Get Your Existing Customers Back Again & Again

3) A System to Get Customers to Buy More during Their Visit

Comprenhensive Workshops for Managers and Servers

Retail Different

Retail industry strategist help you with revenue, margins, customer service, and customer experience.

We have several retail workshops:

PopCorn Bundle - Helped major retail chains grow margins 4-6%

Retail Site Experience - Undercover retail expert visits retails store to document improvement methods to grow revenue and margins

Customer Service - Our customer service educates your team on methods used by Disney, The Ritz Carlton, Nordstrom, and Apple

Retail Different
Brand Different Workshops

BrandDifferent Group Workshops

We are glad to offer Bobby' BrandDifferent Workshops for groups up to 6 participates. These are the same workshops Bobby has done over the years for Fortune companies. By eliminating the travel cost and sharing the time with up to 6 other business owners you get the professional branding experience. Great for Chamber or Commerce or business downtown associations.


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Strategic Marketing BluePrint

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